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General Questions

1Why use a Travel agent?
Using a travel agent like us allow you to get first hand knowledge on your trip. We can make suggestions that you may not know is available to you. With the volume of business we do, we get you the best price possible
2Why would i not just use Expedia?
Booking online is great and fast, BUT, its not always the best deal. Booking with Expedia for example, may not enlighten you to other options in the same area you are looking for. WE have MANY suppliers that also supply the online travel companies, just like we have access as well.
3What if something goes wrong while we are away?
We are here to help. Did you miss your flight? Did something happen while down there? You will have our direct line and contact info for any issues that we can help with.
4Are you More expensive?
We have a top tier buying platform for all suppliers, just like the Expedia type web travel company's. We have found that we are the same price or sometimes less expensive. We believe that personalizing your trip is mot important then just getting an off the self holiday. Your unique, so should your trips
5Are you able to planand book my Destination Wedding?
We pride ourselves in the details, your wedding is a magical event and we will make sure that every detail is personalized for you, your wedding party and all your guests.
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